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Three Project Components

RE-Charge Tacloban has 3 components:

  • A sustainable transport fleet composed of electric vehicles that alleviates the need for public transport, supports trade, and provides jobs in transport services such as driving, conversion, and maintenance, and vehicle dispatching. A portion of the fleet will be comprised of multicabs from Tacloban whose engines were damaged by the typhoon and will be fitted with electric motors, rendering the vehicles as useful public transport vehicles once again.
  • A solar photovoltaic facility, that would charge the batteries and the battery-swapping system of the fleet, and which would provide energy for small enterprises such as retail activities and internet services. It will function as a community charging center as well.
  • A mobile power solutions service for communities for areas that are still without power. Fully-charged specially retrofitted electric vehicles will visit designated communities based on predictable schedules, to offer internet facilities and charging services for cell phones, laptops and other equipment.