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What is RE-Charge?

What is RE-Charge?

The RE-Charge initiative brings to Tacloban a fleet of electric jeepneys (eJeepneys) that shall draw power from a solar photovoltaic (PV) system for its charging needs. Combined with training programs for local drivers, dispatchers, operators, administrators and technicians in the maintenance and servicing of both ejeepney fleet operations and solar facilities, RE-Charge Tacloban will help generate green jobs and draw more investments towards local sustainable enterprise while attending to immediate reconstruction needs of supertyphoon-hit areas.

Supertyphoon Yolanda, an extreme weather event of epic proportions, initially affected 95% of the Tacloban City’s public transport fleet — all fossil-fueled — mostly unserviceable. Many vehicles were flooded, washed out or submerged in salt water mixed with debris, mud and grime. Public transport is a vital service capable of speeding up and spurring trade and economic activities in the region. There is a clear demand for public utility vehicles from commuters who have access to fewer public transport vehicles, and from drivers who were deprived of sources of livelihood when Yolanda destroyed scores of diesel-fed public vehicles.

Downloadable RE-Charge Materials:

Climate-Friendly Cities and the Electric Jeepney Solar Scholars Program The RE-Charge Tacloban Facility RE-Charge Tacloban Project Brief