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WANTED: Cake decorators, eJeepney drivers in Tacloban

Cake decorator needed in Tacloban must also have "math skills," according to the job wanted ad.

Cake decorator needed in Tacloban must also have “math skills,” according to the job wanted ad.

TACLOBAN CITY–It’s hardly the kind of job ad you’d expect to see in Tacloban, a city leveled by Yolanda six months ago.

But on the corner of Zaragoza and Salazar streets was a sign, posted weeks ago, looking for an “experienced cake decorator.”

The ideal candidate, according to the sign,  should have “math skills” because “they may have to use fractions mixing icing [and/or] to create elaborate cake decorations” and “artistic ability” to conceptualize and execute elaborate designs.

In a city that’s still struggling to rise above tragedy–both natural and man-made–an experienced cake decorator may be harder to find than most.

But there’s no question about it: demand for jobs–cake decorators included–have surged in the city that the government temporarily forgot.

Small businesses and companies are seeking all manner of sales personnel, security guards, cooks, and office staff, if job ads are any indication.

Wanted Saleslady

While these positions require skills not exactly germane to cake decoration, these ads are nevertheless signs that things are slowly going back to normal in a city that has suffered from government ineptitude following Yolanda.

But bringing things back to the way they were isn’t exactly the way to go.

Tacloban needs to build back better.

And that means officials need to make Tacloban–and other cities as well, if that it at all possible–become more resilient.

Which is why the Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC) will soon be implementing RE-Charge Tacloban, an integrated solar and transport response project for post-Yolanda Leyte. The program will provide eJeepneys and solar and geothermal-powered charging stations to run these cleaner and greener battery-powered vehicles.

The ICSC is also hiring eJeepney drivers to serve congested routes along schools and universities, which are considered as the largest in the region, in terms of student population.

The non-government organization may also hire more people for RE-Charge Tacloban as soon as the need arises.

Who knows?

It may even need someone to decorate its cake once it celebrates the project’s formal launch.

And when will that be? Very, very soon..

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