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Solar Scholars Training Program Goes to Marabut

It was a lovely sunny day by the beach.  All the drowsiness from the early morning trip from Tacloban to Marabut were wiped off by the beautiful view of the rock formations, islets resembling Coron’s, and the waves that roll in from the Leyte Gulf. The limestone walls were calling out to us “climb me!” since it has been days since I last touched the holds of our local climbing gym, …Read More

Empowering the Women of Samar

Commencing our day with ground coffee from Benguet, chocolate moron from Abuyog, and puto cheese from Tacloban, the ladies of PKKK (Pambansang Koalisyon ng Kababaihan sa Kanayunan) communities in Basey and Marabut Samar arrived at the RE-Charge facility morning of September 4. They were the second batch of our Solar Scholars basic training program.  Sitting in for the first day of training were our RE-Charge Staff and representatives from the …Read More

Stories from the Road I: Why You Should Love Mondays (aka What Really Happens When I Ride My Bike)

Little children  pulling their trolley bags behind them and the older ones wearing their bright blue Unicef knapsacks by the side of the road trying to hitch a ride from the passing tricycles.  This was the scene that changed my whole mood this morning.  I left the site a quarter before six to ride my 26.5er mountain bike, Amidala, crossing the lengthy San Juanico Bridge to the town of Santa …Read More

RE-embracing Advocacy

At quarterlife, I’ve been to quite a number of first days at work.  It usually ranges from a whole day orientation on company history, policies, financial details and benefits, to endless signing of documents and forms. My first week at the RE-Charge facility has however proved to be a unique one.   But then again, this is not your typical workplace. On my first week I replenished the fluid level of …Read More

Clear Skies

By May-i Fabros Sketchy. This was how some of the locals described the neighborhood of the Re-Charge Tacloban facility. Number 58 Burgos Street, Barangay 33, Tacloban City. Located at the side of Burgos near the area where Yolanda parked 8 ships, and washed away the houses in Anibong, the community that occupies the sea wall. Beside the facility is an abandoned car wash, across it a building that survived the …Read More

Pinoy jeepney recast for Yolanda victims in Tacloban

By Aurora Quadra-Balibay for Good News Pilipinas, November 10th, 2014 Pinoy Jeepneys, the colourful World War II-style icons known in the country as the King of Philippine roads, have resurfaced in the Visayan wasteland as electric jeepneys (eJeepneys) a year after Tacloban City was hit hard by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). When the typhoon passed through the Visayan Islands southeast of Manila, the diesel-fed jeepneys were flooded by the storm …Read More

Free ride! Free ride!

By Prune Irolla and Mathieu Bonvoisin Only one week after our arrival, and four months after iCSC broke ground for the RE-Charge project in Tacloban, the ejeepney free ride was launched: four  electric jeepneys were available and offered free rides to Tacloban’s commuters for free during one week in the city. The main purpose of this communication action was to make people aware of this new kind of jeepney, showing …Read More

Tamis ng Unang Halik

By: May-i Fabros At the tarmac, Reina points to the newly replaced glass windows and the repainted walls of the terminal. Seemingly, Tacloban was back on its feet, the only traces of Yolanda were the cargo containers and tents that remained. A loud cheer and clapping by a row of men in blue eager to be of service welcomed us, “Porter po ma’am.” Normally I carry my own luggage, living …Read More

Solar Facility Aims to Support Tacloban to Build Back Better and Brighter

Tacloban City, September 30, 2014—A solar community center opened quietly today, rising from the rubble of a once floodswept 750-square meter plot of land in downtown Tacloban. The opening saw the city’s first sun-powered electric jeepneys, or eJeepneys, roll out—four units of what is expected to become a 26-strong fleet by 2015. A solar-powered videoke party is slated to take place in the evening to demonstrate that solar power works …Read More

Tacloban City: building back healthier

As an ex-personal trainer I have always loved the atmosphere of a gym.  The perspiration, the determination and the endorphins. Tacloban’s Quick Fits gym is no exception. The owner, Allen Patano, has owned the gym since 2004 and his clientele has grown ever since.  Bouncing back after Yolanda, Allen invested in 100% new cardio equipment which he believes has expanded his business and attracted wider range of members. As I …Read More