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Clear Skies

By May-i Fabros Sketchy. This was how some of the locals described the neighborhood of the Re-Charge Tacloban facility. Number 58 Burgos Street, Barangay 33, Tacloban City. Located at the side of Burgos near the area where Yolanda parked 8 ships, and washed away the houses in Anibong, the community that occupies the sea wall. Beside the facility is an abandoned car wash, across it a building that survived the …Read More

RE-Charging Tacloban with green transport

Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 2, 2014 There is massive potential in using renewable energy to rebuild areas devastated by weather disasters while promoting the concept of “transformational adaptation and resilience.” It is not enough to just cope with global warming. Transforming society, through the pursuit of more sustainable pathways of development, such as with clean energy and transport, will make communities more resilient. Climate change adaptation “needs to be reconceptualized …Read More

Solar Facility Aims to Support Tacloban to Build Back Better and Brighter

Tacloban City, September 30, 2014—A solar community center opened quietly today, rising from the rubble of a once floodswept 750-square meter plot of land in downtown Tacloban. The opening saw the city’s first sun-powered electric jeepneys, or eJeepneys, roll out—four units of what is expected to become a 26-strong fleet by 2015. A solar-powered videoke party is slated to take place in the evening to demonstrate that solar power works …Read More

From the solar capital to downtown Tacloban

The first thing people ask after meeting me is, ‘Of all the places in the world… how did you end up in the Philippines?’ While this isn’t an easy question to answer in a couple of sentences, I believe it comes down to my passion for creating social and environmental change. Originating from Australia (currently not the world’s most environmentally-minded country) I moved to Germany in search of greener pastures …Read More

Windows 8.1 is enough to drive me to drink

TACLOBAN–I’m not a big fan of Windows. But I get by. After all, like most computer users, I like to think I’m OS-blind. Ply me with a PC and I will get to beat that deadline, even if the machine doesn’t feature an emblem of Steve Jobs’ favorite fruit. Take this Asus T100T Transformer Book that the iCSC has been kind enough to lend me for this Tacloban gig (more …Read More

Coming soon: Solar-powered eJeepneys in Tacloban

Tacloban, May 19 — A fleet of electric jeepneys powered by the sun will soon arrive in Tacloban after a solar-powered charging facility for the vehicles quietly broke ground in the coastal city on Monday. Once it goes into full swing, the facility will not only charge eJeepneys, it will also provide energy supplied by a 9.75 kilowatt hybrid solar photovoltaic system. The facility, will run commercial enterprises—including an Internet …Read More