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Biking to work goes big-time in Tacloban

TACLOBAN CITY–In this city, you see them everywhere: bikers and bikes of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, single-speed BMX replicas, commuter bikes with front baskets, and, of course, huge, antiquated–and usually rusty–pedicabs, all driven by young and old Taclobanons alike. You step out of the apartment and barely a minute passes without a two-wheeled vehicle passing you by, weaving in and out of crowded …Read More

Coffee, Tea, and Me

It’s Coffee, Tea, AND Me (emphasis mine). And I mean that literally, without any suggestive overtones whatsoever. Coffee and tea form part of my luggage for my stay in Tacloban for the next few days—not that I’m complaining. After all, my cargo is precious: I’ll be transporting a boxed set of Golden Orange Pekoe Tea from Nepal, which an iCSC team member brought after attending a conference in Nepal. I’ll …Read More

Build back better with the Black Swan and some beer

Slacktivist. That’s what it says on my business card. I would have preferred something else—Ambassador-at-Large, Smarty Pants, or even the Escape Goat—if only to add an interesting, if amusing, dimension to what I’m doing now (whatever that might be). But then again, who’s quibbling? For one thing, the Home Office in Cubao X—strategically located on top of a popular watering hole, as it happens—wouldn’t have it any other way. And …Read More