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Coffee, Tea, and Me

It’s Coffee, Tea, AND Me (emphasis mine).
And I mean that literally, without any suggestive overtones whatsoever.
Coffee and tea form part of my luggage for my stay in Tacloban for the next few days—not that I’m complaining.
After all, my cargo is precious: I’ll be transporting a boxed set of Golden Orange Pekoe Tea from Nepal, which an iCSC team member brought after attending a conference in Nepal.
I’ll also be lugging a coffee press, a pack of Himalayan Java Beans, and a jar of decaffeinated instant coffee.
Given the nature and inclination of iCSC staff—including myself—it may take some time before anyone of us decides to pop open and fix ourselves a cup of instant java (and decaf at that).
But the same time, we welcome anyone who wants to take first crack in going instant.
Just make sure you’ve got a good story to tell, if only to keep the conversation going and the coffee flowing, brewed or otherwise.
Boojie Basilio is iCSC’s “Man in Tacloban” who is humanizing the experience of building back better in super typhoon Haiyan’s ground zero through his blog “Tales from the Slacktivist.”

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