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A Dream Comes True

Written by Uro Tahup Photos by Veejay Villafranca A dream project finally came true last Sunday morning, Sept. 6, 2015 through the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities’ (iCSC) Solar Scholars Project. A dream project which I’ve been imagining and playing in my mind for almost two years, since I first learned the stories of how Marabutnons took shelter inside big caves from Super Storm Yolanda. A dream project arising …Read More

Suluan Island Part 2: Sugaan an Suluan

by Uro Tahup It was way past ten in the evening of July 23, 2015, the last night of the new moon, in remote Sulu-an Island located at Guiuan, Eastern Samar. A woman was fetching water from the community tap stand situated at Zone 2, one of the seven sitios of the remote island barangay. The smile on her face and the look on her eyes captured the words of …Read More

Here Comes the Sun in Samar Island

by Uro Tahup Solar power technology in the form of portable solar-powered lamps has slowly made inroads into many communities hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda in remote islands and barangays located in Eastern and Western Samar. It all began when UN agencies, international and local humanitarian NGOs, and even private foundations distributed thousands of solar-powered lamps – from the cheap made in China to the sturdy made in Germany – …Read More

Welcome to a Brighter World Baby Kathryn!

By: Lottie Salarda Just days after the Solar Scholar workshop, Sir Uro and I scheduled a trip to the island town of San Vicente in Northern Samar to assess the power situation of their Rural Health Unit, headed by Dr. Nenilyn Francisco. From Tacloban, it takes a minimum of 6 hours to reach the place, requiring several transfers. From Tacloban City we rode a van to Catbalogan City for an …Read More

Coming soon: Solar-powered eJeepneys in Tacloban

Tacloban, May 19 — A fleet of electric jeepneys powered by the sun will soon arrive in Tacloban after a solar-powered charging facility for the vehicles quietly broke ground in the coastal city on Monday. Once it goes into full swing, the facility will not only charge eJeepneys, it will also provide energy supplied by a 9.75 kilowatt hybrid solar photovoltaic system. The facility, will run commercial enterprises—including an Internet …Read More