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Tacloban City: building back healthier

As an ex-personal trainer I have always loved the atmosphere of a gym.  The perspiration, the determination and the endorphins. Tacloban’s Quick Fits gym is no exception. The owner, Allen Patano, has owned the gym since 2004 and his clientele has grown ever since.  Bouncing back after Yolanda, Allen invested in 100% new cardio equipment which he believes has expanded his business and attracted wider range of members. As I …Read More

Discussions over an Avocado Smoothie

I recently had a meal with Rei Panaligan from Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM), an NGO that works on protecting communities from the aggressive promotion of large-scale mining.  His current work however, is with a  program that aims to provide livelihood opportunities to the people particularly affected by Yolanda.  The meal was washed down with an avocado smoothie which was absolutely delicious (in case you were wondering).  But what is far …Read More

The rise of hipster culture in Tacloban

I’ve been living in Tacloban City for a month now and since then have witnessed new restaurants and cafés popping up everywhere, and I couldn’t wait to try them all.  Yep, I’m a foodie.  I love café culture and, if you can keep a secret, I’m also a bit of a hipster*. With every second café, restaurant, and bar having a ‘Help wanted’ sign, Tacloban’s food industry and employment opportunities …Read More

Disaster preparedness will pay off

By Chloe Hill After arriving in Tacloban City, one of the first places I visited was San Joaquin – one of the barangays of the town of Palo – a 25-minute drive from Tacloban City. San Joaquin was one of the barangays that suffered the most damage and loss of life when Typhoon Yolanda struck. 9 months after Yolanda, the majority of the large-scale clean-up has been completed but the …Read More

From the solar capital to downtown Tacloban

The first thing people ask after meeting me is, ‘Of all the places in the world… how did you end up in the Philippines?’ While this isn’t an easy question to answer in a couple of sentences, I believe it comes down to my passion for creating social and environmental change. Originating from Australia (currently not the world’s most environmentally-minded country) I moved to Germany in search of greener pastures …Read More